Summer Repeats

Both Scorch’s PFG-TV and White House Chronicles have taken time off this summer.  We are running repeats of earlier shows in the time slots.  Scorch has told us he’ll be taping new episodes starting in September — they tape each episode early in the week, run it on Manchester Public Access TV on Saturday, and then we get it to run on ACTV20 on the following Friday night. White House Chronicles comes back the week after Labor Day.  It turns out they are just taking occasional weeks off, so there’s a mix of repeated and new content.  We just got a new show that will run on Friday, 8/21.

We also have received 4 new episodes of The Chef’s Plate, and we’ll start showing them immediately.  Some technical glitches in distrinbuting new episodes to us appear to have been resolved, so we expect a regular flow of new episodes from the producer.


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