New Schedule for Channel 20

The schedule for our combined Government/Public channel has only changed slightly from season to season for many years.  We use content from a variety of sources to keep the channel active and interesting, while regularly repeating various public meetings that our staff record.  Recently the Board of Selectmen asked us to attend and record more meetings, so the very-local-and-timely content of the channel has expanded dramatically.  To make space for this new group of meeting replays, the schedule has been dramatically revamped.  The new meetings (Historic District Commission, Conservation Commission, and Heritage Commission) will be replayed twice a week, joining the Zoning Board of Adjustment (now up to also twice a week), Planning Board (three times per week), and Board of Selectmen (four times per week, down from the prior seven).

To make room for these meetings, we will be showing less outside content, and generally fewer repeats of the programs that will continue (or their replacements).

The Friday (Dungeon of Doctor Dreck) and Saturday (Saturday Night Fright) night campy horror films will continue, as will the weekly news, science, and arts programs from Deutsche Welle (but with fewer repeats).    Our weekday morning Jazzercise/Body Sculpting will also continue, but slightly later at 7:30AM.


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