Kinder-Morgan Pipeline Public Meeting, held 3/23/15

The public meeting (the recessed Board of Selectmen meeting reconvened in the Souhegan HS auditorium) was broadcast live on Channel 21, and recorded.

It will replay on Channel 20 for the week of 3/29/15 as follows:

Sunday (3/29): 4PM and 7:30PM
Monday: 4PM
Tuesday: 6PM
Wednesday: Noon
Thursday: 8:30AM
Friday: 8PM
Saturday: 7:30PM

It is also available on video-on-demand, at, and this link will open a new browser window to view the recording.

The recording is 2:18:11 long.  There was a some difficulty with the audio at the beginning, so the quality isn’t very good, but it is understandable.  We managed to fix the problems within the first half hour, and the quality is much better after that.  Except when speakers did not pay attention to the microphones, which is a problem at most live meetings.


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