Arts.21 retires, Euromaxx debuts

Since August 2009 we’ve carried Deutsche Welle’s Arts.21 program. New episodes debut on Wednesdays at 3:30, and then replay on Thursday and Saturday. This Next week (6/257/2) is the last episode of Arts.21… DW has cancelled the show, and replaced it with Euromaxx. Euromaxx is a 30-minute European lifestyle magazine, as multi-facetted as Europe itself: an entertaining kaleidoscope of people and places, arts and culture, concerts, music, style, fashion and much more.

Euromaxx will appear in the schedule at the same time Arts.21 did, Wednesday at 3:30, Thursday at 4:30, and Saturday at 11:30.

Our other Deutsche Welle programs continue unchanged:
European Journal: A fascinating mix of stories exploring the important political, economic and cultural developments in Europe;

Global 3000: A video-rich weekly magazine provides in depth analysis, investigative reporting, and portraits of people who are making a difference on the planet;

Tomorrow Today: A weekly science program with compelling features and reports about science and technology, medicine and the environment, giving a glimpse of the world of tomorrow.


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