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Deliberative Session Replays, 2015 (and Candidates Forum and Full Day Kindergarten Forum)

Town Deliberative Sessions and the Candidates Forum run on ACTV Channel 20 in Amherst.  They are also available as video-on-demand at AmherstNH.Pegcentral.com through March 10th.

Replay times will vary from week to week until the election, as the programs before vary in length each week.  Updates will be posted here.  All replays end on election day, March 10, 2015.

Town Deliberative Replays
Sunday 5:30:00 PM
Sunday 8:25:40 PM
Monday 8:00:00 AM
Monday 4:25:40 PM
Tuesday 4:30:00 AM
Tuesday 8:18:35 PM
Wednesday 9:30:00 AM
Friday 12:44:37 PM
Saturday 2:00:00 AM
Saturday 5:25:12 AM
Saturday 1:00:00 PM
 Candidates Forum Replays
Sunday 1:39:31 PM
Monday 7:10:23 PM
Tuesday 6:00:00 PM
Wednesday 4:41:55 AM
Thursday 3:29:54 AM
Thursday 4:57:01 PM
Friday 3:57:01 PM
Saturday 8:14:07 AM

Amherst School and Souhegan School Deliberative Sessions and the Amherst Full Day Kindergarden Forum run on ACTV Channel 21 in Amherst.

Replay times will vary from week to week until the election, as the programs before vary in length each week.  Updates will be posted here.  All replays end on election day, March 10, 2015.

Amherst School Deliberative Replays
Sunday 6:00:00 AM
Monday 12:00:00 AM
Monday 10:59:30 AM
Tuesday 12:01:00 AM
Tuesday 5:05:04 PM
Wednesday 1:38:45 AM
Wednesday 10:59:30 AM
Thursday 3:07:49 AM
Thursday 3:59:30 PM
Thursday 9:15:35 PM
Friday 4:45:34 AM
Friday 8:00:00 AM
Saturday 4:45:34 AM
Saturday 9:38:54 PM
Full Day Kindergarten Forum Replays
Sunday 12:00:00 AM
Sunday 11:05:01 AM
Sunday 3:59:30 PM
Monday 2:08:06 AM
Monday 4:13:05 PM
Tuesday 10:10:05 PM
Wednesday 12:01:00 AM
Wednesday 8:59:30 PM
Thursday 11:07:49 AM
Friday 3:07:49 AM
Friday 10:08:06 AM
Friday 4:07:49 PM
Saturday 3:07:49 AM
Saturday 10:57:45 AM
Souhegan Cooperative Deliberative Replays
Sunday 1:37:45 AM
Sunday 8:50:45 PM
Monday 3:45:51 AM
Monday 8:49:30 PM
Tuesday 2:09:06 AM
Tuesday 10:57:45 AM
Wednesday 3:46:51 AM
Wednesday 1:00:00 PM
Thursday 12:00:00 AM
Thursday 8:00:00 AM
Thursday 6:07:46 PM
Friday 12:00:00 AM
Friday 1:00:00 PM
Friday 8:52:30 PM
Saturday 12:00:00 AM
Saturday 3:34:10 PM

March Election Programming

On March 12th, voters in Amherst will be voting on town and school officers, as well as budgets and other warrant articles.  In preparation for these elections, there have been many public meetings and official election meetings, all of which were televised and recorded for later replay.

The Town Deliberative Session, held February 7th, is replaying multiple times per day on Channel 20.

The Amherst School District and Souhegan Cooperstive School District Deliberative Sessions, held February 2nd, are replaying on Channel 21.

A Candidates Night, sponsored by the AAUW, was held on February 21, with candidates for all Town and School opening invited.  It is also replaying frequently on Channel 21.

All three Deliberative Sessions, plus the Candidates Night, are available on demand at amherstnh.pegcentral.com.

Playing times for the Deliberatives and Candidates Night will vary, because they are so long and they are squeezed in among regularly scheduled programs.  In some cases, the start times will vary week-to-week as the programs before them change and are longer are shorter.  For example, the current schedule for the Candidates Night is:

  • Sunday: 3:30AM, 4:45PM
  • Monday: 6:00AM, 8:50AM, 4:50PM
  • Tuesday: 9:35AM, 2:32PM
  • Wednesday: 6:00AM, 5:25PM
  • Thursday: 9:26AM
  • Friday: 1:31AM, 4:00PM
  • Saturday: 6:00PM

Some of these times are sure to change as soon as the next Selectmen’s meeting happens, which will change the replay length for that, and then ripple out everything that is scheduled after each replay.

The online schedule will not be updated to show the times, as the changes are too complex to keep up with.   The only true and accurate schedule is the Program Schedule that runs between and after each program on the channel (usually for 30 seconds), which shows the correct start times for the next 10 scheduled programs.

Upgrading Equipment on Saturday 3/31

The heart of our broadcast system on Channel 20 is a Leightronix NEXUS.  It had started to show signs of failure (which require a trip to Town Hall at odd hours to reboot it).  We will be replacing it with an UltraNEXUS on Saturday 3/31.  While it’s powered off to be swapped out, Channel 20 will go dark, starting at approximately 11AM.

The UltraNEXUS will allow us to do on-demand streaming video straight from our archives, replacing the Vimeo streaming solution that has given us problems over the last 6 months or so.

Streaming (Vimeo) replays experiencing technical difficulties

For the last several months, we’ve had a series of technical problems with the getting Selectmen and Planning meetings uploaded to Vimeo.  We are looking at alternative solutions, as well as trying to identify the source of the problem.  We intend to resume streaming replays of these public meetings as soon as we can.

Selectmen 5/9 Meeting delayed posting on Vimeo

The 5/9 Selectmen’s meeting is ready to be posted on Vimeo, but we have a limit on the number of GB we can upload in a week, and it’s too big to fit after getting the last Planning Board meeting up.  So it’s going to sit and wait until our upload quota resets early next week, and then it will go up.

We keep the latest two meetings on the Amherst NH Board of Selectmen channel.

Streaming the Selectmen

We’re experimenting with making meetings we broadcast available for internet users with streaming.  Not live… after the fact.  We’ve set up an account on Vimeo and created the Selectmen channel.  Last night’s meeting (3/14) is up and it looks pretty good.   For the time being we’ll stick with the Selectmen meetings; once we get good at it we can look at Planning Board and perhaps even ZBA meetings.

All our content will be here: www.vimeo.com/actv20