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MAKE TV ended, LINK Explore and Music ending soon

We had 10 episodes of MAKE TV available to us, and we’ve run through the series twice, so Saturday was the last showing of MAKE.  Perhaps someday in the future we’ll give it another run, but there are no plans right now.

We’ve been running LINK TV’s EXPLORE series since it first became available to us in May of 2008.  New episodes came quickly at first, but have slowed considerably.  We currently have 16 episodes in the series, the latest of which arrived in August 2009.  Since we’ve been continuously repeating the series from the time it started, those early episodes have run a lot, so we’re going to let the current round play out and finish the first week of February.  If more new episodes appear, we’ll insert them in to the LINK TV PRESENTS series.

Similarly, LINK Music also started in May 2008, and we have 14 episodes.  A new episode starts on Saturday morning, and then repeats once a day, every day of the week.  Again, since the early episodes have been running since 2008, and the last new episode became available in February 2009, we’re going to let this one finish its current cycle and end after the second week in February.  Like Explore, if new episodes appear, we’ll insert them in to the LINK TV PRESENTS series.

Jazzy Nutcracker

We are running the Souhegan HS production of the Jazzy Nutcracker this week in the specials timeslot.   There was an error in converting the DVD for broadcast that went unnoticed, so the Sunday and Monday broadcasts were only of Act I.  The problem was fixed Monday night, so the Tuesday through Saturday broadcasts will be the whole show, two acts lasting 1 hour and 7 minutes.

We have permission to run this in future years as well, so look forward to seeing it during future holiday seasons.

Navy Band Season of Magic Concert

We were scheduled to run the US Navy Band’s Season of Magic Concert on Christmas Day and for the week after Christmas.   The concert is recorded live in Washington at DAR Constitution Hall, and then the Navy ships us a DVD very quickly afterwards.

We just received word that the record snowstorm in DC over the weekend caused both scheduled concerts to be cancelled, so there’s no DVD coming, and the concert has to be removed from the schedule.

New Music Show

We’ll probably start a new music show from Londonderry, Tupelo Music Hall – Open Mic, starting Wednesday Sunday December 26.  It will run on Sunday at 11:00 AM, and repeat Wednesdays Thursdays at 7:30PM and Friday morning at 1:30 AM and 8:00 AM .  There are new shows monthly, but enough are available so we can run 13+ weeks without repeating.  Here’s the description:

Tupelo Music Hall is a highly respected venue, showcasing talented, nationally-recognized musicians who perform in a friendly, relaxed, attractive and intimate setting.

Once a month, Tupelo holds Open Mic Night. This is Tupelo’s most requested event, and features a number of established artists as well a several new talented acts. Each artist performs two songs and each evening includes an established feature act who performs a full half hour set. Many a new artist has gotten their break at Tupelo Open Mic.

The Hall is always packed to capacity with musical talent. Due to its popularity the location is attracting more and more individuals – so much so that the show often carries on until the wee hours of the morning.

Format is similar to Austin City Limits.

The sound quality is exceptional, due to the design of the sound stage in the Tupelo Music Hall, and a direct feed from the Tupelo sound deck. Ambient microphones gather input from passive microphones around the room.

Each program is approximately an hour in duration (the four to five hour recordings are edited to 3 – 5 one hour shows with the host, Robert Haigh, of Old Vienna fame, introducing each separate act)


This Thursday (4PM)  and Friday (9PM) only, we’re going to show the Fiddler’s Showcase, a 2 hour long show.   Here’s what we know about it:

Each year Belfast, Maine hosts the “Fiddlers Showcase”. This is an excellent show of local fiddling and musical talent. This show is from the year 2008.