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Upcoming Specials

We subscribe to a number of sources for our specials (which premier Sundays at 4, repeat Sunday night and once day for the rest of the week).   They arrive at irregular intervals, but for the last year or so they’ve come in regularly enough so that there was always something waiting for broadcast.  Starting just before Christmas, all (but one) of our sources dried up at once. Over the holidays, I put together some repeats that seemed appropriate in some way to the season, including a focus on locally-produced content.  Now that the new year is here, I’m reaching out to some new content to see how it looks.

Over the few months, assuming none of our regular series comes in, you’ll see episodes from a series produced in Bedford about Monarchs Hockey,  episodes of NASA 360 paired with repeats of Eat Right NH (30 minutes each), and a sampling of cooking shows that are available to us (Chef Ed, Oven Luvn with Melisa, and Papa Tuck).

The Deliberative Sessions for Town, School, and Souhegan  are the 3rd-4th-5th of February, and we try to rerun them all frequently between the deliberatives and election day, so unless a hot special comes in, we’ll see them replaced with Deliberative replays from February 14 until March 7.

New Music Show

We’ll probably start a new music show from Londonderry, Tupelo Music Hall – Open Mic, starting Wednesday Sunday December 26.  It will run on Sunday at 11:00 AM, and repeat Wednesdays Thursdays at 7:30PM and Friday morning at 1:30 AM and 8:00 AM .  There are new shows monthly, but enough are available so we can run 13+ weeks without repeating.  Here’s the description:

Tupelo Music Hall is a highly respected venue, showcasing talented, nationally-recognized musicians who perform in a friendly, relaxed, attractive and intimate setting.

Once a month, Tupelo holds Open Mic Night. This is Tupelo’s most requested event, and features a number of established artists as well a several new talented acts. Each artist performs two songs and each evening includes an established feature act who performs a full half hour set. Many a new artist has gotten their break at Tupelo Open Mic.

The Hall is always packed to capacity with musical talent. Due to its popularity the location is attracting more and more individuals – so much so that the show often carries on until the wee hours of the morning.

Format is similar to Austin City Limits.

The sound quality is exceptional, due to the design of the sound stage in the Tupelo Music Hall, and a direct feed from the Tupelo sound deck. Ambient microphones gather input from passive microphones around the room.

Each program is approximately an hour in duration (the four to five hour recordings are edited to 3 – 5 one hour shows with the host, Robert Haigh, of Old Vienna fame, introducing each separate act)

New Vintage Horror Film Series

We will probably start a new series of horror films with commentary, along the lines of our current Saturday Fright Special series from Keene.  There are two separate series available to us, and together they have enough episodes to sustain a weekly series.  We’re going to show these on FRIDAY NIGHT at 11 PM (replacing Scorch’s PFG-TV, which has run out of new episodes for us to show).  The current plan would be to show them on Friday night (Saturday morning) at midnight (replacing a replay of LINK TV Presents).  If we get permission, we’ll start them December 5th. Here are the descriptions of the two series:

Penny Dreadful’s Shilling Shockers

Shilling Shockers is a weekly horror movie program hosted by the witch Penny Dreadful, her werewolf husband Garou (a.k.a. her “Snarling Darling”), and the semi-retired monster hunter Dr. Manfred Von Bulow. Penny Dreadful won the 2007 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for “Favorite Horror Host”.

Penny and her cohorts introduce classic horror and sci-fi movies, and appear in humorous, narrative segments at breaks every 20-30 minutes of the film. The show often features musical numbers, special guest stars and interviews, and visits to spooky historical locations. The segments are directed by Rebecca Paiva, who also appears onscreen in a variety of cameo roles.


MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM is a show full comedy skits that hosts older public domain sci fi and horror movies.

It’s hosted by Marlena Midnite and her friends Wolfred (A werewolf/vampire) Franklin (A lab created monster gone wrong) Robyn Graves (Marlenas best friend and the “Midnite Mailgirl”) Grimms (The local reaper) and Dr. Thadious Bones (Orthopedic surgeon and aspiring comedian). The shows consist of segments that take place in Marlenas mausoleum, the boneyard and the autopsy room as well as other locales. Our show is a new twist on a genre pioneered by hosts like Vampira, Sammy Terry, Svengoolie, Dr. Creep, Zacherley, The Acri Creature Feature, Crematia Mortem and many others

Be sure to join in on the fun with Marlena and her friends, We do recurring “news” segments, Midnite Diner segments and a viewer mail segment on every episode. Our episodes do vary from 1hr 30min to 2hrs in length . We Looove late night time slots

Marlena and Robyn have both confirmed their participation in the “Horrorhosts Tribute to VAMPIRA” event at the Horrorhound Weekend / Dark Carnival Film Festival, March 27th , 28th 2010 in Indianapolis IN… Read all about it in HORRORHOUND magazine in December

Auto programs available

We recently received this email.  The writer is correct… all programming must have an Amherst resident as the “producer” of record before it will be shown on ACTV20.   See our policies and form for video submission to become a producer.

My son and I produce a variety of quality, local access, entertainment shows here in North County San Diego. We would like to find out how we can add some of our programs to your broadcast schedule. Since we are not local residents we may need to work with a local producer/sponsor to assist in broadcasting. To learn more about our program please view some of our recent trailers on

Here’s an Autolife promotional poster.