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Schools 2014 Deliberative Sessions Replays

All replays for the Amherst School District and Souhegan Cooperative School District Deliberative Sessions are on Comcast Channel 21 in Amherst. Video-on-demand is available on the internet for these sessions at  Replays are running now until Election Day, March 11, 2014.

Amherst School District Deliberative Replays (Session held February 1, 2014, 11AM, Souhegan High School)

  • Sunday, 3:17 AM, 5:23 AM, 8:56AM, 3:50PM, 6:57PM
  • Monday 1:07AM, 9:27AM, 2:50PM, 6:50PM, 9:27PM
  • Tuesday 3:18AM, 6:57AM, 12:49PM, 5:43PM, 9:57PM
  • Wednesday 12:57AM, 10:17AM, 5:07PM, 7:11PM, 9:55PM
  • Thursday  3:17AM, 7:57AM, 10:31AM, 5:17PM, 7:22PM, 9:56PM
  • Friday  12:57AM, 4:49AM, 11:17AM, 1:22PM, 7:16PM, 9:58PM
  • Saturday  3:17AM, 9:17AM, 11:22AM, 5:17PM

Souhegan Cooperative School District Deliberative Replays (Session held February 1,m 2015, 9AM, Souhegan High School)

  • Sunday 1:50AM, 6:30AM, 10:04AM, 8:04PM
  • Monday 2:14AM, 7:01AM, 10:34AM
  • Tuesday 1:51AM, 8:04AM, 11:21AM, 4:16PM, 6:50PM, 8:30PM
  • Wednesday  2:05AM, 8:50AM, 12:22AM, 3:39AM, 8:18PM
  • Thursday 1:50AM, 9:04AM, 3:50PM, 8:29PM
  • Friday 2:04AM, 9:50AM, 2:31PM, 5:49PM, 8:31PM
  • Saturday 1:50AM, 7:50AM, 12:29PM, 3:50PM, 8:00PM

AAUW Candidate’s Night 2014 Replay Schedule

AAUW sponsored its 2nd Annual Candidate’s night at Town Hall on Wednesday night, 2/13/14.  The session ran live on Channel 20, and was recorded and is being replayed on Channel 20 until Election Day, March 11 2014.  The replay times will vary each week as the Selectmen and various other programs come in and are inserted with different lengths.  In addition to Channel 20, all replays can be seen on the live stream,  Candidate’s Night will also be available as Video on Demand until March 11 at

Sunday: 4:03AM, 6:19PM

Monday: 12:56AM, 1:54PM

Tuesday: 1:59PM

Wednesday: 2:00PM

Thursday: 4:47AM, 8:57PM

Friday: 12:33AM, 8:30AM, 12:57PM, 8:55PM

Saturday: 1:28AM, 1:21PM, 6:33PM

Town Deliberative Session, 2014 – Replay Schedule

As always, it’s difficult to slot in replays of the Town Deliberative Session – it runs a little over 3:30, and we don’t have many gaps in the schedule that big.  So it goes into schedule holes that are big , and then everything after it gets pushed out.  The schedule is also dependent on the Selectmen’s meetings, which happen every week or two depending on circumstances, and vary widely in length… when a new meeting is recorded, it then changes the start times of everything after it on the schedule. so almost all the times posted here will change after the next BoS meeting.

Here are the scheduled replay times on Channel 20 as of Sunday 2/17/14.  All replays will end on election day, Tuesday March 11, 2014.  All replays can be seen on the live stream,  The Town Deliberative Session will also be available as Video on Demand until March 11 at (as well as Candidate’s Night and the Amherst School District Deliberative and the Souhegan Cooperative School District Deliberative).

Sunday: 12:40AM, 5:54AM, 1:57PM, 8:30PM

Monday: 7:29AM, 7:24PM

Tuesday: 3:30AM, 8:24AM, 7:00PM

Wednesday: 3:30AM, 9:27AM, 7:00PM

Thursday: 12:16AM, 5:30PM

Friday: 3:30AM, 4:00PM

Saturday: 3:45AM, 8:30AM

Math Night with Professor Mahesh Sharma from November 15, 2011

A video of Prof. Sharma has been running for about a month.  With the Deliberative Session replays taking a big bite out of the schedule between now and Election Day (3/13),  Math Night replays are limited. The scheduled start times are now dictated by the length of School Board meeting replays that precede the Math Night replay, so they will change again when the next Souhegan school board meeting is recorded and replayed after March 8.  Check the on-screen schedule on Channel 21 for exact start times.. it always shows the next 10 scheduled programs between programs.

Sunday 9:30 AM
Monday 9:21 AM
Tuesday 9:55 AM
Tuesday 7:54 PM
Wednesday 5:09 AM
Wednesday 11:54 AM
Thursday 11:54 AM
Friday 2:54 PM
Friday 8:21 PM
Saturday 9:55 AM

2011 Town Deliberative Replay Schedule

The Town Deliberative Session was last Wednesday (2/9), and was 3:43 long.  Replays of the deliberative have now been scheduled.  They will run through Monday 3/7 (the day before the election).

Sunday: 5AM, 6PM (the ACTV Presents replay at 7:30 is cancelled and will resume 3/13)
Monday: Midnight, 5:30PM (replays of the Selectmen are cancelled; live meetings will be shown)
Tuesday: 3AM, 11AM (Selectmen replay moves to 3PM)
Wednesday: 3AM, 4PM (Planning board replay delayed to 7:42PM, live meetings will be shown)
Thursday: 3AM, 5PM
Friday: 3AM, 3PM (starting 2/25)
Saturday: 4AM, 1PM

As a byproduct, University Channel shows will not run starting 2/19 until 3/12.

Halloween Weekend Horror Lineup

In addition to our regularly scheduled horror-hosted movies (Midnight Mausoleum is showing Track of the Moon Beast Friday at 11, Saturday Fright Special is showing The She Beast Saturday at 10), we’ve added some one-time specials.

Friday Night/Saturday Morning (Viewer Discretion advised)
1AM: Freaky Farley
2:30AM: Monsters, Marriage, and Murder in Manchvegas

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (Viewer Discretion advised)
Midnight:  Monsters, Marriage, and Murder in Manchvegas
1:30AM: Freaky Farley

Sunday Night:
8:30PM Penny Dreadful Shilling Shockers HallowGreen Special
9:30PM Midnight Mausoleum Halloween Show – Dawn of the Mummy

Sunday Night/Monday Morning (Viewer Discretion advised)
Midnight: Freaky Farley
1:30AM:  Monsters, Marriage, and Murder in Manchvegas

Upcoming Specials

We subscribe to a number of sources for our specials (which premier Sundays at 4, repeat Sunday night and once day for the rest of the week).   They arrive at irregular intervals, but for the last year or so they’ve come in regularly enough so that there was always something waiting for broadcast.  Starting just before Christmas, all (but one) of our sources dried up at once. Over the holidays, I put together some repeats that seemed appropriate in some way to the season, including a focus on locally-produced content.  Now that the new year is here, I’m reaching out to some new content to see how it looks.

Over the few months, assuming none of our regular series comes in, you’ll see episodes from a series produced in Bedford about Monarchs Hockey,  episodes of NASA 360 paired with repeats of Eat Right NH (30 minutes each), and a sampling of cooking shows that are available to us (Chef Ed, Oven Luvn with Melisa, and Papa Tuck).

The Deliberative Sessions for Town, School, and Souhegan  are the 3rd-4th-5th of February, and we try to rerun them all frequently between the deliberatives and election day, so unless a hot special comes in, we’ll see them replaced with Deliberative replays from February 14 until March 7.

Specials during the week of December 27-January 2

We were planning to run the Navy Band holiday concert next week, but the mid-Atlantic snowstorm wiped out the live concert, so there’s no recording.   Instead, we’ll use a collection of shows:

  • Manchester Magic, starring a local resident
  • The Fate of the Stallion, a documentary
  • Hidden New Hampshire – Purgatory Falls, produced by local residents

Jazzy Nutcracker

We are running the Souhegan HS production of the Jazzy Nutcracker this week in the specials timeslot.   There was an error in converting the DVD for broadcast that went unnoticed, so the Sunday and Monday broadcasts were only of Act I.  The problem was fixed Monday night, so the Tuesday through Saturday broadcasts will be the whole show, two acts lasting 1 hour and 7 minutes.

We have permission to run this in future years as well, so look forward to seeing it during future holiday seasons.

Special Town Meeting, July 14

We were unable to broadcast the July 14 Town Meeting live (it was at 7PM in Souhegan High School cafeteria, and we can’t go live from there), but we did record it, and we’ll be rerunning it for the next 2 weeks or so.  The Board of Selectmen meeting that preceded the Town Meeting, then the town meeting itself, will run in the usual timeslot where BoS meeting replays occur.  The BoS meeting was about 20 minutes, and the Town Meeting lasted about 2 hours.

The replay times are:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: 1PM

Monday: 7PM

Wednesday: 8:30 AM

Friday: Noon