Selectmen Candidates Night, Wednesday 2/29

There was a Candidates Forum for the contested Selectmen seats last night at Town Hall, which was broadcast live.  Replays of the forum will run until  Monday before  Election Day – Tuesday 3/13.  They are scheduled as shown below.  Odd start times are because they immediately follow some other program, and will change each week as the preceding program lengths change.

This is a tough time of year for the program schedule… we are squeezing in special programming (the Deliberative, the Forum), and they cause long cascades of odd start times that vary week to week as individual programs change their run lengths… most noticeable when there’s a board meeting replay that might be 45 minutes one week and  3 hours long the next.

Sunday (after Deliberative Replay) 4:14 AM
Sunday (immediately after Roads Update) 5:30 PM
Monday (immediately after Link Explore) 5:53 AM
Tuesday 8:00 AM
Wednesday (immediately after Selectmen replay) 10:31 AM
Thursday (immediately after Link Explore) 2:49 AM
Thursday (immediately after Roads Update) 4:50 PM
Thursday (immediately after Roads Update) 10:04 PM
Friday 9:00 AM
Friday (immediately after Roads Update) 2:55 PM

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