Math Night with Professor Mahesh Sharma from November 15, 2011

A video of Prof. Sharma has been running for about a month.  With the Deliberative Session replays taking a big bite out of the schedule between now and Election Day (3/13),  Math Night replays are limited. The scheduled start times are now dictated by the length of School Board meeting replays that precede the Math Night replay, so they will change again when the next Souhegan school board meeting is recorded and replayed after March 8.  Check the on-screen schedule on Channel 21 for exact start times.. it always shows the next 10 scheduled programs between programs.

Sunday 9:30 AM
Monday 9:21 AM
Tuesday 9:55 AM
Tuesday 7:54 PM
Wednesday 5:09 AM
Wednesday 11:54 AM
Thursday 11:54 AM
Friday 2:54 PM
Friday 8:21 PM
Saturday 9:55 AM

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