2011 Town Deliberative Replay Schedule

The Town Deliberative Session was last Wednesday (2/9), and was 3:43 long.  Replays of the deliberative have now been scheduled.  They will run through Monday 3/7 (the day before the election).

Sunday: 5AM, 6PM (the ACTV Presents replay at 7:30 is cancelled and will resume 3/13)
Monday: Midnight, 5:30PM (replays of the Selectmen are cancelled; live meetings will be shown)
Tuesday: 3AM, 11AM (Selectmen replay moves to 3PM)
Wednesday: 3AM, 4PM (Planning board replay delayed to 7:42PM, live meetings will be shown)
Thursday: 3AM, 5PM
Friday: 3AM, 3PM (starting 2/25)
Saturday: 4AM, 1PM

As a byproduct, University Channel shows will not run starting 2/19 until 3/12.


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