2011 School Deliberatives Replays

The Souhegan Cooperative Deliberative Session (2/8) and the Amherst School Deliberative (2/10) will replay on Channel 21 at the following times:

Amherst School District Deliberative Session

Sunday: 2AM, 3PM
Monday: Midnight, 8AM
Tuesday: 5AM, 3:47PM, 6:37PM
Wednesday: 1AM, 8:47AM, Noon, 8:35PM
Thursday: 5AM, 3:30PM
Friday: 2AM, Noon, 8PM
Saturday: 1AM, 8AM, 4:38PM

Souhegan Cooperative School District Deliberative Session

Sunday: Midnight, 1PM
Monday: 1AM, 9AM
Tuesday: 6AM, 2PM, 4:50PM
Wednesday: 2AM, 10AM, 6:47PM
Thursday: 6AM, 6PM
Friday: Midnight, 10AM, 9PM
Saturday: 2AM, 2PM, 5:45PM



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