Deutsche Welle European Journal

Starting next week, we will add Deutsche Welle’s European Journal to our lineup.  Initially, it will run immediately after our University Channel programs; when the University Channel series runs out in late July 2011, European Journal will take over the timeslots.

While University Channel starts its weekly cycle on Saturday (repeating a few times during the week until the next Friday), EJ will start its cycles on Thursdays, and repeat until Monday.

Here’s the official Deutsche Welle description:

For nearly 30 years, EUROPEAN JOURNAL has been public television’s main source of in-depth coverage of one of the world’s most dynamic regions. Fifty-two times a year, DW-TV provides viewers worldwide with a fascinating mix of stories exploring the important political, economic and cultural developments in Europe. Each week presenters Cathy Smith and Jim Gibbons provide their unique take on stories unfolding across the Atlantic, telling the story with compelling video, strong reporting, and a good sense of humor. Europe is a diverse part of the globe with many languages and cultures. With Deutsche Welle’s 50-plus years of covering Europe for the world, our producers and journalists know the Continent just a bit better, and European Journal is our showcase of what we do with that knowledge and understanding. The stories in Europe are important ones and deserve more than the occasional 30 seconds on the nightly news. Only one program provides Americans with consistent depth and insight on developments taking place inside Europe on a weekly basis.

We are grateful to Deutsche Welle and its sponsors for making this available to us at no charge (along with our existing DW programs, Arts.21 and Global 3000).


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