Midnight Mausoleum Summer Camp Special Marathon

This Friday night/Saturday morning AND Saturday night/Sunday morning, we’ll replay the two Midnight Mausoleum Summer Camp Special movies as a Marathon after the regularly scheduled Friday night horror movie (this week it’s Penny Dreadful’s Dust to Dust), and the regularly scheduled Saturday night horror movie (this week it’s Horror Hotel‘s premiere). ┬áSo starting at 11PM Friday, it’s 6 straight hours of horror films, and again starting at 10PM on Saturday night.

The two Summer Camp Special movies are Zombie Abomination and Zombie Atrocity. We’ll show them in that order Friday night, and in reverse order Saturday night (in case you can’t keep your eyes open through 4AM!).


One response to “Midnight Mausoleum Summer Camp Special Marathon

  1. You guys are great! Thanks for playing BOTH of my Italian Zombie Movies (hosted by my amazing Midnite Mausoleum friends) as a marathon! (Oh, I’m the director, by the way!) Love your programming!