Midnight Mausoleum Summer Camp Special #2

Thanks to the fine folks at Midnight Mausoleum, we have an exciting new show this Friday.

MIDNITE MAUSOLEUM Summer Camp Special #2 ZOMBIE ATROCITY (Widescreen 16 x 9)


This film is NOT Public Domain and is shown only by special agreement with the movies producer.


second of 2 special summer camp episodes featuring the movie ZOMBIE ATROCITY (The Italian Zombie Movies part 2). This is the first time this film has been available on Television. The films director / Producer Thom Berdinski is special guest on this episode as well.

The movie was released in 2009 and has been edited for content and had to have a few words bleeped out. compared to most of the older films we show it is a bit more graphic even if it is usually for comedic effect.

So here’s the schedule for Friday nights at 11 for the next few weeks.  Marlena Midnight and her crew have promised us a whole new season of films coming soon, so I’ve left September 3rd and 24th open for them, and we’ll continue to schedule new ones as they arrive.  If they run in to production delays, we’ll just keep showing repeats of Penny Dreadful Shilling Shockers (PDSS) Season 7 until the new Midnight Mausoleum (MM) shows arrive.  We’re also looking forward to a new season of PDSS.

13-Aug-10 Fri 2300 MM Zombie Atrocity – Summer Camp Special
20-Aug-10 Fri 2300 PDSS Sinister Elixir – The Ghoul
27-Aug-10 Fri 2300 PDSS Blood Relations – Crypt of the Living Dead
3-Sep-10 Fri 2300 MM TBA
10-Sep-10 Fri 2300 PDSS Dust To Dust
17-Sep-10 Fri 2300 PDSS Unusual Suspects – The Bat
24-Sep-10 Fri 2300 MM TBA
1-Oct-10 Fri 2300 PDSS The PGM Tour – The Giant Gila Monster
8-Oct-10 Fri 2300 PDSS Possessions
15-Oct-10 Fri 2300 PDSS Skull Splitting – The Screaming Skull

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