Midnight Mausoleum goes to Summer Camp July 23

We run late-night horror films twice each week.  We started with Saturday Fright Special, from Cheshire TV out in Keene, at 10PM on Saturday nights.  Then we got access to two other sources: Penny Dreadful Shilling Shockers, from New Bedford, and Midnight Mausoleum, from Iowa (I know… I had to look at a map!  🙂  ).  There were fewer of these available, and they didn’t seem to be produced as regularly as Saturday Fright, so we  put them together in the same time slot at 11PM on Friday, and alternate them as new episodes come in, or we repeat older episodes.  These, and others we now could add, are based on old movies where the copyright has expired, so the creative souls (or soul-less creators, depending on the host) can add their commentary and humor without having to pay royalties.

Our good friends at Midnight Mausoleum have pulled off a major coup — we’re getting a brand-new horror film this summer.  Zombie Abomination will run on ACTV20 on July 23rd.   In their own words:



This film is NOT Public Domain and is shown only by special agreement with the movies producer. part of that agreement includes a limited “window”, stations can run the show as often as they like until August 31st.


First of 2 special summer camp episodes featuring the movie ZOMBIE ABOMINATION (The Italian Zombie Movies part 1). This is the first time this film has been available on Television. The films director / Producer Thom Berdinski is special guest on this episode as well.

Yes, that’s right .. FIRST RUN MOVIES!   So just remember who brought them to You FIRST 🙂

The movie was released in 2009 and has been edited for content and had to have a few words bleeped out.  Compared to most of the older films we show it is a bit more graphic even if it is usually for comedic effect.

Midnight Mausoleum also has stepped up their production schedule from when we first started showing them, so we’re looking forward to a long and enjoyable run of their content.

Not to be outdone, Penny Dreadful made a large chunk of their back catalog available to us, so we have been able to show samples from their Season 2 and 4, as well as all of seasons 5, 6, and 7, which ended for us in January.  We’re looking forward to Penny Dreadful Season 8, in addition to Midnight Mausoleum, for a great year ahead of  Friday night horror.


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