Deliberative Sessions, 2010

The Town of Amherst, Amherst School District, and Souhegan Cooperative School District Deliberative sessions, broadcast live the week of February 1, are now replaying daily on Channel 21, twice each every day.  See the online schedule guide for start times… the Town session is over 4 hours long; the two School sessions run a little over an hour each.

Right now they run at the same time every day; after about a week or so, we’ll mix up the scheduling so different replays get cycled through prime-time hours on different days.

There was an audio problem with the live broadcast of the Souhegan session, so no audio was available that night.  We were able to reconstruct all but the first 8 minutes of sound for the replays… the sound picks up at about the 8 minute mark, just as the presentation of the budget begins.  What’s missing in the first 8 minutes of sound?  The Pledge of Allegiance, the moderator’s rules for the meeting, and the introduction of school officials.


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