Al Kaprelian comes to Public Access

Every weekday morning, Al Kaprelian makes his way to the Manchester Community Access studios and records a forecast for the day (they say the target length is 45 seconds, but so far he’s typically well over a minute), which we can download and show.  He also does an extended forecast, which is quite lengthy (typically 6-7 minutes).

IF Al and the producer make it to the studio AND there’s somebody available to download and schedule it, we run the forecast a few times a day, usually after a regularly scheduled program, starting about 11AM.  Late in the day we switch to the extended forecast (since the regular forecast is getting stale by then), and run it through about 8AM the following morning (it all depends on what else is scheduled and where the holes are).

We’ve been doing this for about a week and a half, and so far, so good.  There was one day the forecast wasn’t done, and so far we’ve been here to get and schedule it in a timely fashion.

It does appear that more and more stations are taking the forecast from Manchester, because when we started, it was fast to download; today it was slower than an old dialup modem, which is probably a limitation of the Manchester server’s ability to serve too many stations at once.


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