New Series: Student Shorts

When we first started broadcasting, we were able to get a series of short films made by student film makers, put together by a local access station in Maryland.  The rights to those films expired, and the producer never responded to inquiries about a new series being available.  Now we have access to a new series from a different producer, and we’ll probably start running the series in December (December 4 is the target date).  These are not appropriate for younger audiences, so they’ll run at 10:30PM on Friday night, and repeat at 1AM Tuesday morning.  Here’s the description:

These are the films no one sees, but everyone should be watching. Student Short Films is about every aspect of student film making. Interviews with student directors, producers, actors and crew are included in many episodes and every episode features at least one student film selected by the producer on the basis of it’s production being of superior quality.

A student short film may be excellent in every aspect, or it may be of poor quality with one single excellent aspect (acting, for example.) The films tend to be higly original and should appeal not just to student film makers, but to anyone who appreciates quality cinema. No student film is edited in any way, shape, or form – ever.

Interviews are exclusively with student film makers and participants in student films in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area due to budget / travel constraints, but short films are selected from all over the world for airing.


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