Channel 21

Channel 21 is our educational channel.  Over the summer two things happened: we got the signal, which was pretty muddy, cleaned up so that the content is much more viewable.  We also got the bulletin board system up and running.  At the same time, something happened to our scheduler, and we were unable to modify the schedule, so it kept playing content from last year.

We have corrected the scheduler problem, and the Amherst School Board meetings from 8/25 and 9/3 are now playing.  The 8/25 meeting will run for the next week or two at 11PM every night.  The most recent meeting, 9/3, will run as follows:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday: 6PM

Wednesday, Friday: 7PM

Monday, Saturday: 8PM

We’ll stick with this schedule for future board replays for a while, but as new content gets added, we hope to change it a bit.


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