New Programming coming from Deutsche Welle

As soon as the paperwork is done, we’ll add these to the schedule… new episodes on Wednesday, repeated once each on Thursday and Saturday.


ARTS.21 is a half hour cultural magazine from a country that has much more to offer than Beethoven and Bayreuth.

We look at the entire cultural picture of Germany in the 21st century: Young photographers capturing a new century; a thriving, cosmopolitan cultural scene in the capital, Berlin; major music and film festivals. ARTS.21 also covers major events (Berlinale Film Festival, Biennale di Venezia, German Book Prize). All this plus dance, theatre, literature, and design in a video-rich magazine your viewers will want to come back for each week.

To view recent episodes, go to Deutsche Welle’s Video-On-Demand page at,,4756,00.html and click on the Arts.21 link. With its location at the heart of Europe, Deutsche Welle is in the unique position of being at the center of cultural life in Europe. Make sure your viewers get to experience this rich and meaningful program each week. The program’s web page:,,7885,00.html?id=7885

Global 3000

GLOBAL 3000  will widen your horizons by examining the global consequences of local actions – and how their actions impact the globe. American toddlers learn Chinese. Afghans study the Thai ways of doing things. Mapuche Indians from Patagonia want to take Benetton to court. And what do sheep in New Zealand have to do with climate change?

We live in a world where the actions by a population 10,000 miles away will very likely shape our own lives.  Events in Asia have repercussions in Europe. European reactions have knock-on effects in South America. The situation in the Amazon Rainforest concerns us all.

In a video-rich weekly magazine, hosted by Journalist Michaela Küfner, Global 3000 provides in depth analysis, investigative reporting, and portraits of people who are making a difference on the planet. Plus we ask your viewers to contribute to the program by sending in their personal stories and experiences, helping shape a weekly broadcast that gives new insights into the world-wide community to which we all belong.  Globalisation is all around us – and every week we give it a face with GLOBAL 3000.

To view recent episodes, go to Deutsche Welle’s Video-On-Demand page at,,4756,00.html and click on the Global 3000 link. The program’s web page:,,11487,00.html?id=11487


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