UChannel Upcoming Shows

We show two different UChannel shows a week.  The first premieres at 4PM on Saturday starting 6/13/09 (9PM on Saturday 6/6/09 only).  The second premieres on Thursday at 3PM.  The first repeats on Monday at 11:30 AM, and Friday at 3 PM.  The Second repeats on Friday at 4:30 PM.

Here’s the upcoming set of programs:
6-Jun-09 Saturday Reflections on the World Economy
9-Jun-09 Tuesday Counterterrorism — The British Approach
13-Jun-09 Saturday Shifting Patterns of Global Power
16-Jun-09 Tuesday The Empire Strikes Back: American and European Responses to a Resurgent Russia
20-Jun-09 Saturday China’s Sex Ratio Imbalance and its Implications for the Domestic and Global Economies
23-Jun-09 Tuesday Population Aging and Pension Reforms in Europe: What is the Role of the European Union in Meeting the Challenge?
27-Jun-09 Saturday Transforming Mexico City — Creating a City for the 21st Century
30-Jun-09 Tuesday Human Rights: An Analysis of Saudi Arabia and the Impact of Islam
4-Jul-09 Saturday Global Trends and National Security
7-Jul-09 Tuesday 7 Steps to Your Best Possible Healthcare
11-Jul-09 Saturday Efficiency in Spending School Tax Dollars (Part 4, Education Reform)
14-Jul-09 Tuesday Marching Toward Hell


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