Saturday Fright Special

We will begin showing Saturday Fright Special next week (Saturday, 6/13/09), in the 10-12PM timeslot on channel 20.

Saturday Fright Special is New Hampshire’s first Horror-Host Television Show. Join host Scarewolf (a well-dressed werewolf with a good sense of rhythm), and the rest of the SFS gang each week for a trip back in time with public domain monster movies, intermission reels, commercials and all kinds of other nostalgia from bygone days.

New SFS episodes premiere every other Saturday at 10PM on Cheshire TV in Keene, NH. While the shows occasionally feature contests and giveaways, we are running them in order from the first one, so the content is not timely or up to date. (See 7/15/09 Update below)

The Producer’s intent is to bring back a little feeling of what it was like watching local TV stations in the 60s-80s. Keeping that in mind, they take care to try to ensure that most of our programs are suitable for general audiences. If a film goes any farther than what would be allowed on TV in the early 80s, they sanitize it to keep with the overall feel of watching a film on TV at that time. Occasionally they’ll air a film uncut or have some more adult content in the breaks, and will run a humorous disclaimer at the beginning of the show to warn viewers.

The first few films to come are:

  • Destroy All Planets
  • Shriek of the Mutilated
  • The Bat
  • Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
  • The Vampire Happening
  • Nightmare Castle
  • Gammera The Invincible
  • Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride

Update (7/15/09): At the suggestion of the series producers, we are indeed running new shows as they appear, and fulling in other weeks with the back catalog starting with #1 (Shriek of the Mutilated).  So far we’ve run #64 (Destroy all Planets), #65 (Yeti: The Giant of the 20th Century), and #66 (The Terror).  This last Saturday was #4 (Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things), and if #67 doesn’t appear in the next day or so, we’ll run #5 next Saturday, (Vampire Happening). The producers assure us that there’s no sequence to the series, so we can run in any order, and they urged us to let the viewers in on timely contests, so we did.

With 60+ episodes available to us, and new ones coming out on a regular basis, it looks like we can run this series for many years, with a year+ interval between repeats of movies.


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