The New England Job Show

A new show has been getting a lot of local (and some national) attention.

The Job show is a free access television program created by job seekers for job seekers. The program stems out of a not for profit vocational project for the Merrimack Valley Rotary Club in Central Massachusetts.

The show is produced in Chelmsford, MA for their cable access channel, and is made available to others as well.  The premiere episode of the show kicks off tonight (Monday 3/23) in Chelmsford, and new episodes will be available approximately every other week.

We will run the job show as episodes become available in our “ACTV Specials” slot (premieres Sundays at 4PM, repeats 7 more times between then and Saturday).  The first Job Show is scheduled to run on ACTV20 next Sunday, 3/29.

In recognition of the extraordinary timeliness of the show, we’ll be showing the premiere as “sneak preview” episodes this week, at the tail end of the ACTV20 timeslots on Wednesday (1:03PM) and Friday (9:03PM), before it goes into the full special rotation on Sunday.

Read all about the show at


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