Schedule issues — the week in review

Due to an oversight, many of the shows scheduled to cycle to a new episode over the weekend didn’t.  So for this week, we’re repeating the same episode shown last week for:

  • Chef’s Plate (probably not a bad thing, since this episode features a local favorite, the chef at the Red Arrow Diner)
  • LINK-TV Film
  • LINK-TV Explore
  • LINK-TV Documentary
  • Perils for Pedestrians
  • University Channel Saturday episode (repeats Monday and Friday)
  • the Monday episode of Jazzercise (Tuesday through Friday will be the correct episodes in the cycle)

Some of our more timely shows (White House Chronicles, Scorch’s PFG-TV, and Hollywood New England) all did show new episodes, which are repeating on their normal schedule if you missed them.


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