New Schedule starts this week

The election is over, the deliberatives no longer run every day, and the schedule is getting a little refresh.  As promised, the Chef’s Plate starts on Monday.  On Tuesday we start the second weekly University Channel program.  And on Thursday, on Channel 21, the first live broadcast of the Souhegan Cooperative School Board will show at 6PM.  This is thanks to a new volunteer who has committed to at least the meetings through June (the board, like the Amherst School Board, meets once a month).  If we had another volunteer, we could expand to include the SAU 39 Board, which also meets once a month… Amherst on the first Thursday, Souhegan on the third Thursday, and the SAU on the fourth Thursday.  Getting the school boards broadcast live and with regular replays was a key reason for wanting the second channel, and we’re getting there.  We’ve successfully done meetings from both the High School auditorium and the Library on channel 21, which are big milestones.


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