Deliberative Sessions, 2009

The schedule for deliberative sessions next week is:

  • Tuesday, 7PM, Souhegan Cooperative School District
  • Wednesday, 7PM, Town of Amherst
  • Thursday, 7PM, Amherst School District

All are scheduled to be held in the Souhegan High School auditorium.

We are starting to plan for live broadcasts of each session.  Ideally, the school sessions will be shown on our education channel, 21, while the town session will be on our government channel, 20.  We’re learning how the system works as we go, so there’s some work ahead to prove that the plan can be achieved.   Even if there’s a problem with live broadcasts, we know we can record the sessions and replay them, because we did it last year.  We always put the deliberatives in to a heavy replay rotation up to election day, so the maximum number of residents can hear the discussion and debate before voting.  I haven’t decided on the exact schedule yet, but I suspect that we’ll do the Town session once per day at varying start times (on 20), and the School sessions will alternate, so one plays every day (on 21).  The hardest part of all that is constantly updating the online schedule so viewers know when to look.


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