Arts.21 retires, Euromaxx debuts

Since August 2009 we’ve carried Deutsche Welle’s Arts.21 program. New episodes debut on Wednesdays at 3:30, and then replay on Thursday and Saturday. This Next week (6/257/2) is the last episode of Arts.21… DW has cancelled the show, and replaced it with Euromaxx. Euromaxx is a 30-minute European lifestyle magazine, as multi-facetted as Europe itself: an entertaining kaleidoscope of people and places, arts and culture, concerts, music, style, fashion and much more.

Euromaxx will appear in the schedule at the same time Arts.21 did, Wednesday at 3:30, Thursday at 4:30, and Saturday at 11:30.

Our other Deutsche Welle programs continue unchanged:
European Journal: A fascinating mix of stories exploring the important political, economic and cultural developments in Europe;

Global 3000: A video-rich weekly magazine provides in depth analysis, investigative reporting, and portraits of people who are making a difference on the planet;

Tomorrow Today: A weekly science program with compelling features and reports about science and technology, medicine and the environment, giving a glimpse of the world of tomorrow.

Schools 2014 Deliberative Sessions Replays

All replays for the Amherst School District and Souhegan Cooperative School District Deliberative Sessions are on Comcast Channel 21 in Amherst. Video-on-demand is available on the internet for these sessions at  Replays are running now until Election Day, March 11, 2014.

Amherst School District Deliberative Replays (Session held February 1, 2014, 11AM, Souhegan High School)

  • Sunday, 3:17 AM, 5:23 AM, 8:56AM, 3:50PM, 6:57PM
  • Monday 1:07AM, 9:27AM, 2:50PM, 6:50PM, 9:27PM
  • Tuesday 3:18AM, 6:57AM, 12:49PM, 5:43PM, 9:57PM
  • Wednesday 12:57AM, 10:17AM, 5:07PM, 7:11PM, 9:55PM
  • Thursday  3:17AM, 7:57AM, 10:31AM, 5:17PM, 7:22PM, 9:56PM
  • Friday  12:57AM, 4:49AM, 11:17AM, 1:22PM, 7:16PM, 9:58PM
  • Saturday  3:17AM, 9:17AM, 11:22AM, 5:17PM

Souhegan Cooperative School District Deliberative Replays (Session held February 1,m 2015, 9AM, Souhegan High School)

  • Sunday 1:50AM, 6:30AM, 10:04AM, 8:04PM
  • Monday 2:14AM, 7:01AM, 10:34AM
  • Tuesday 1:51AM, 8:04AM, 11:21AM, 4:16PM, 6:50PM, 8:30PM
  • Wednesday  2:05AM, 8:50AM, 12:22AM, 3:39AM, 8:18PM
  • Thursday 1:50AM, 9:04AM, 3:50PM, 8:29PM
  • Friday 2:04AM, 9:50AM, 2:31PM, 5:49PM, 8:31PM
  • Saturday 1:50AM, 7:50AM, 12:29PM, 3:50PM, 8:00PM

AAUW Candidate’s Night 2014 Replay Schedule

AAUW sponsored its 2nd Annual Candidate’s night at Town Hall on Wednesday night, 2/13/14.  The session ran live on Channel 20, and was recorded and is being replayed on Channel 20 until Election Day, March 11 2014.  The replay times will vary each week as the Selectmen and various other programs come in and are inserted with different lengths.  In addition to Channel 20, all replays can be seen on the live stream,  Candidate’s Night will also be available as Video on Demand until March 11 at

Sunday: 4:03AM, 6:19PM

Monday: 12:56AM, 1:54PM

Tuesday: 1:59PM

Wednesday: 2:00PM

Thursday: 4:47AM, 8:57PM

Friday: 12:33AM, 8:30AM, 12:57PM, 8:55PM

Saturday: 1:28AM, 1:21PM, 6:33PM

Town Deliberative Session, 2014 – Replay Schedule

As always, it’s difficult to slot in replays of the Town Deliberative Session – it runs a little over 3:30, and we don’t have many gaps in the schedule that big.  So it goes into schedule holes that are big , and then everything after it gets pushed out.  The schedule is also dependent on the Selectmen’s meetings, which happen every week or two depending on circumstances, and vary widely in length… when a new meeting is recorded, it then changes the start times of everything after it on the schedule. so almost all the times posted here will change after the next BoS meeting.

Here are the scheduled replay times on Channel 20 as of Sunday 2/17/14.  All replays will end on election day, Tuesday March 11, 2014.  All replays can be seen on the live stream,  The Town Deliberative Session will also be available as Video on Demand until March 11 at (as well as Candidate’s Night and the Amherst School District Deliberative and the Souhegan Cooperative School District Deliberative).

Sunday: 12:40AM, 5:54AM, 1:57PM, 8:30PM

Monday: 7:29AM, 7:24PM

Tuesday: 3:30AM, 8:24AM, 7:00PM

Wednesday: 3:30AM, 9:27AM, 7:00PM

Thursday: 12:16AM, 5:30PM

Friday: 3:30AM, 4:00PM

Saturday: 3:45AM, 8:30AM

March Election Programming

On March 12th, voters in Amherst will be voting on town and school officers, as well as budgets and other warrant articles.  In preparation for these elections, there have been many public meetings and official election meetings, all of which were televised and recorded for later replay.

The Town Deliberative Session, held February 7th, is replaying multiple times per day on Channel 20.

The Amherst School District and Souhegan Cooperstive School District Deliberative Sessions, held February 2nd, are replaying on Channel 21.

A Candidates Night, sponsored by the AAUW, was held on February 21, with candidates for all Town and School opening invited.  It is also replaying frequently on Channel 21.

All three Deliberative Sessions, plus the Candidates Night, are available on demand at

Playing times for the Deliberatives and Candidates Night will vary, because they are so long and they are squeezed in among regularly scheduled programs.  In some cases, the start times will vary week-to-week as the programs before them change and are longer are shorter.  For example, the current schedule for the Candidates Night is:

  • Sunday: 3:30AM, 4:45PM
  • Monday: 6:00AM, 8:50AM, 4:50PM
  • Tuesday: 9:35AM, 2:32PM
  • Wednesday: 6:00AM, 5:25PM
  • Thursday: 9:26AM
  • Friday: 1:31AM, 4:00PM
  • Saturday: 6:00PM

Some of these times are sure to change as soon as the next Selectmen’s meeting happens, which will change the replay length for that, and then ripple out everything that is scheduled after each replay.

The online schedule will not be updated to show the times, as the changes are too complex to keep up with.   The only true and accurate schedule is the Program Schedule that runs between and after each program on the channel (usually for 30 seconds), which shows the correct start times for the next 10 scheduled programs.

Souhegan HS Graduations (2011 and 2012) now available on demand

Videos of the Souhegan HS Graduation ceremonies from June 2011 and June 2012 are available to view through our video on demand service, at  Content is shown in the order it is uploaded, so they will be pushed onto pages 2…3… etc as more Selectmen, Planning Board, and ZBA meetings are added.  Just use the search box on  the front page to look for “graduation”.

Souhegan HS Graduation now running on Channel 21

The Graduation ceremony for the Souhegan Class of 2012, held outdoors on June 15, 2012, is now running on Channel 21.  Times should not change until mid-August when the next round of School Board meetings go up.

The Schedule is:

Sunday 9:20 AM
Sunday 4:30 PM
Monday 10:10 AM
Monday 4:00 PM
Tuesday 5:00 PM
Tuesday 7:27 PM
Wednesday 1:24 AM
Wednesday 11:30 AM
Thursday 3:00 AM
Thursday 11:00 AM
Friday 3:00 AM
Friday 7:05 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM